Our nozzle is a kind of nozzle with vapor recovery function, used in vapor recovery dispenser. And with compact volume, appropriate weight, easy to operate, labor-saving, reliable performance.

Body material: aluminum alloy

Nozzle material aluminum alloy

Weight: :1.05Kg/piece

 Structure and dimensions

port size: M34*1.5 thread connection available can match the standard vapor recovery rubber hose; with the way of spring hanging, can match moost of the dispenser in the current market.

 Performance characteristics

a. According to American standard design, with UL certification requirements;

b. Appearance and use: beautiful appearance ,comfortable to hold it, easy to engage gear, reliable work;

c. The use of temperature range: -20˚C ~55˚C(-40˚C~55˚C: alternative);

d.  Flow rate:large flow rate design (when the upstream dynamic pressure pipeline design is 0.2MPa, nozzle flow rate is greater than or equal to 42LPM);

e.  Weight: light weight design, total weight is around 1.05KG.

f:  Quick recovery: after the nozzle jumped, the time that nozzle need to  return back to the closed state is less than 8S;

g:  Minimum hop flow: less than or equal to 10LPM;

h:  With no pressure self sealing function (NPNF);

i:  The handle with anti-static function;

j:  With dry test function.

 Installation and maintenance.

a. Before installation and use, please inspect the appearance of the nozzle,make sure whether there are demage or deformation.

b. When the nozzle connect the rubber hose, please confirm whether  the dispenser system pressure is within the normal range(50Ps Max), to avoid damage to parts in the nozzle.

c. Before operation, please make sure whether the O-ring is lost or damaged. If yes, please replace it in time. The nozzle and rubber hose should be solid  and reliable connected to avoid the leakage accident.

d. If the nozzle is not working, please ask the manfacturers or professional personnel. In the warranty period, except the outer parts(holster,splash guard and B grip). Non professionals are forbidden to disassemble the fuel nozzle and replace the parts of the fuel nozzle.

 Common trouble solutions