·For station with Stage II ​vapor recovery systems Coaxial design​

​​​​​·Only available as complete assemblies

·Multiple colors available: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange.

·Available in Anti-kink SLEEVE, color sleeve is optional.

·Two different Threads (M34*1.5Metric, 1-1/4”-18 SAE straight)

·Fixed type vapor tubing on one end, prevent tube from coming out, easy

 for installing the nozzle

·Unique design to ensure consistently conduct electricity

·Low Perm Fuel Hose is optional (details please contact sales engineer)

·Available in different length

·Crimped type hose coupling with swivel thread, nut of brass chrome plated,

 hose tail and ferrule of stainless steel

·Temperature range: -40~55


·Before installation, please check the both ends of fittings to ensure the o-ring fully equipped and good

·While installation, please make sure the male thread can be rotated into the end of nozzle. We recommend using the thread locker to avoid unscrewing through long-time.

·The end which is with anti-kink sleeve of vapor recovery hose assembly connected to the nozzle, and the other connected to the break away.


·Temperature range: -30~55/-40~55

·Working pressure: not more than 16bar

·After refueling, do not leave the vapor recovery hose assembly on the carriageway, avoid trampling, rolling and pulling.


·Check the vapor recovery system regularly to ensure they are in good working condition

·Check the vapor recovery valve and P/V valve carefully to ensure the seal performance of the vapor recovery pipeline system

·Check the sealing condition of connection part, if found loose or oil leakage, it should be fastened with explosion-proof tool. Once failed, it should be reported to the manufacturer promptly

·Check whether the pipeline has oil smell or oil leakage, if should please maintain immediately