·Vapor recovery berakaway works as the safety connection device between the nozzel and dispenser, which equipped with vapor recovery passage and check valve inside. ·Vapor recovery breakaways is used for the vapor recovery dispensers.And this produce adopts the way of breaking the nozzle .It is compact, reliable and can be used repeatedly.

·Body material: aluminum alloy

Structure and installation dimensions

·Inferface size: both ends are M34*1.5 thread connection

Performance characteristics

· IEP 19ATEX 0734U Listed 

· the use of temperature range::-25˚C ~60˚C

·breaking force: :800~1200N;


·weight:about 130g;

Installation and Maintenance

· please install the breakaway valve between the vapor recovery nozzle and the oil rubber hose;

· while installing,the two ends of the breakaway valve should not have relative torque,to avoid  man-made damage.

· after the installation of the broken valve,opening  the dispenser should be done.please check  carefully if there is leakage existing  the breakaway valve and the thread connection.If yes,please  check the thread connection or replace the breakaway valve.

· the breakaway valve we produced can be used repeatedly.If the snap phenomenon happened, you should turn the dispenser power    off and release the inner pressure of the petroleum pipeline  first, then the two section breakaway valve body connected with the nozzel and petroleum pipeline hose shall be unloaded .Finally, reconnect the separated breakaway valve with the professional  tool     or consult the manufacturer's professional to reconnect the breakaway valve under the guidance of the manfacturer.

Certification and drawing: