·The portable fuel storage bladder tank can be directly placed in the trunk of the vehicle. This product has the advantages of light weight, foldable, wear-resistant, anti falling, good sealing, non-toxic and tasteless, convenient filling and carrying, anti-static and so on. The diameter of the inlet and outlet of the soft capsule is 36mm, which is suitable for filling with ordinary refueling nozzle or barreled fuel. At the same time, the bellows at the inlet and outlet can be used to directly refuel the vehicle. During operation, the bellows can be removed and screwed into the inner side of the inlet and outlet of the portable soft capsule in reverse.

The knapsack type bladder is used for fuel supply of fuel equipment (such as engineering emergency repair equipment, generator, etc.) in special areas caused by traffic interruption.


· Material: PVC / TPU and anti-skid and wear-resistant fiber
· Executive standard: GJB 5482-2006
 ·Portable capacity: 5L, 10L, 20L; backpack: 25L, 30L


1)the spiral port design does not leak oil, and the internal O-ring can seal the oil port well, without oil leakage. The oil guide tube is stored in the portable storage bladder tank and does not take up space.

2)After special treatment, the outer surface is oil and UV resistant, and the inner fiber is tear resistant, antiskid and wear-resistant.
3)Hand grip handle or strap, more convenient to use, save physical strength.
4)The diameter of the inlet and outlet of the soft capsule is 36 mm, and the large diameter design is convenient for use in various