Letter to friends:

Dear Friends:

              Please call or email us any time. We welcome all information from you.

              Thank you!


                                                                                                                                                    Paul Deng

 Company information:

Full name: Guangzhou Hopetrol Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 915, No 1138 West Zhongshan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R.C

Post Code: 510660


Welcome to visit our Alibaba International website :https://zzfy.en.alibaba.com/

 Contact information:

​​​Name: Paul Deng

Title: GM

Telephone:0086 139 2503 8967


​​​Name: Diana Lian

Title: Sales Manager

Telephone:0086 138 4044 6369


​​​Name:Elsa Wang

Title: Sales Engineer

Telephone:0086 158 4055 7895


​​​Name:Vito Huang

Title: Sales and Engineer

Telephone:0086 153 8742 5858


​​​Name: Sunny Ke

Title: Sales Engineer

Telephone:0086 135 6033 3726


​​​Name: Lucy Lu

Title: Sales Merchandiser

Telephone:0086 135 0308 6678

Email: Lucy@hopetrol.com